Ctrl, Alt, Delete

Thought I’d take a classic and cheesy and almost certainly overused combination of words to brain dump some thoughts on Facebook advertising. It’s a continually growing channel, both in terms of users and share of marketers budget and spend. It’s also ramping up it’s users for the magical quarter that contains Black Friday, Cyber MondayContinue reading “Ctrl, Alt, Delete”

Data is King. King Pixel Arise.

Marketing has shifted so dramatically in the last couple of decades. Whilst the ‘ad men’ days of creativity and traditional media buying aren’t quite dead yet, decisions and key marketing moments are wholeheartedly data driven. You could even say that marketers are very much geeks these days. So what of Facebook’s data then? How doContinue reading “Data is King. King Pixel Arise.”

7 reasons you should use Facebook ads

You have probably heard Facebook advertising mentioned, perhaps you’ve even thought about giving it a go only to drop it to the bottom of the pile whilst handling all those parts of your business that are urgent. Maybe you’re a marketing manager that is looking after multiple products, services and campaigns with barely room toContinue reading “7 reasons you should use Facebook ads”