I’ve spent money on social media ads and not been sure what I was doing.

I’m a marketer, husband and father of two. I know what it is like to be spinning too many plates. I’ve been there.

When push comes to shove it’s all too easy to drop certain aspects of marketing to the bottom of the pile. That’s no good for your business.

It can also be easy to ‘go through the motions’ and just put together knee jerk marketing collateral – regardless of the channel or medium.

As marketing manager I’ve done all of the above whilst trying to juggle a million other pressing deadlines.

Working in marketing or being a business owner can be frustrating, it’s all too easy to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads and get little in return.  In previous jobs I spent money on early versions of Facebook ads and wasn’t exactly crystal clear what I was doing and why I was doing it. Ultimately, I wasn’t even convinced that the businesses I worked for were benefiting from that ad spend and was unsure how to report RoI. (Sorry!)

But, I have seen clear results driven from these incredible advertising platforms. I’ve seen businesses gaining huge return on ad spend and be able to attribute that to each specific ad and audience. That’s why I have taken the time and effort to build specialist knowledge on these platforms. You really can use the platforms I have perfected to help bolster, or in many cases grow, your business.

I’m here to make things clear, to help clearly define ad strategies, clearly identify audiences and clearly communicate with them to create clear results. Putting it bluntly – I create ‘objective ads and strategies’, meaning that ad campaigns are driven by purely business objectives…not gut instinct!

How would friends and family describe me?

I’d like to think they would say I’m fun to be around, a glass half full sort of soul. That’s what I try to be and think that positivity breeds positivity. Not in a spiritual way you’ll understand, just because it’s nice to be nice. Isn’t it?

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