Ctrl, Alt, Delete

Thought I’d take a classic and cheesy and almost certainly overused combination of words to brain dump some thoughts on Facebook advertising.

It’s a continually growing channel, both in terms of users and share of marketers budget and spend. It’s also ramping up it’s users for the magical quarter that contains Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Santa’s shift too.

So read on for some thoughts leading into that moment and also things to consider when your moving into 2022.


If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Nice one Mt=r Drucker – rational and applicable here.

Well, Facebook ads give you a pretty decent degree of control, but don’t take too much. What do you bloody mean man? Well, you can manage ad camapigns to a microscopic level, but you can also give over a decent amount of power to Facebook. It’s advisable. Why? It’s just not in Facebook’s interests for you to have shit ad camapigns that lose you money and don’t achieve their targets. Letting Facebook do the donkey work is sensible, they know better than you or I where the wins actually are. Let them do it….sit back and enjoy a festive spiced latte.

To better control your ads and your performance you need a pixel installed on your site, your domain verified and all necessary steps (like conversions API) up and running. Data is king. Make sure you are collecting and basing your decisions on it.

You can control who sees your ad, but careful, with great power comes great responsibility. Your responsibility is to bear in mind who your showing ads to and what part of buying stage they are at – develop ads accordingly or you’ll be on Santa’s naughty list. This part also needs to consider how many times someone sees your ad – frequency is important as it kicks you towards ad fatigue if not looked after.


What can you alter? Well, lots. Obviously.

Should you alter lots? Should you alter lots, lots of times? In my cynical and grumpy opinion….no.

I like to consider this part of my blog trifecta as the bit focused on testing….and then altering.

For Facebook to do it’s thing properly it is super keen to achieve 50 conversions in a week to ‘learn’ where to get you results. That conversion is what you have selected…. purchase, lead, click, video view and all that jazz.

If you aren’t getting to that nirvana (or at least near it) then you might need (or want to test a different conversion or perhaps increase the budget if you are still in a decent position from an ROAS perspective.

When ‘altering’ or testing be clear and concise each time. Iterate and learn with a rational and sensible approach. Test same creative to different audiences. Test different creatives to your best adueince, and so on. Don’t do it all at the same time – you’ll have no bloody clue what has driven the performance changes.


What should you bin?

Firstly bring down your expectations. Your ads aren’t going to turn you into an intergalactic digital entrepreneur in a jiffy. I don’t take too much from the gurus promising off the shelf 15:1 ROAS. Don’t assume that ads are easy, they aren’t and it’ll take time, perspiration, budget and tears for sure.

Stop copying others efforts, find your own tailored solution for ads. Sure, take some of the good bits as imitation is the highest form of flattery, but don’t just ctrl-c, ctrl-v someone else’s brand ads. It won’t work.

Bin the idea that a fiver a day will suffice – it won’t. When have you ever invested £5 in your marketing and been astounded at the results? I’ll wait here.

Stop thinking within the walls of your business and brand. Put yourself outside the box buddy. Think about what customers need, want or desire – give them value not features of your lovely products and services. Those are the expected….but the devil is in the detail of the brand. Get on with that.

Anyway – just some thoughts for the moment. There’s still an entry level Facebook ads fix cheat sheet to download on my website – form an orderly queue just here.

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