Data is King. King Pixel Arise.

Marketing has shifted so dramatically in the last couple of decades. Whilst the ‘ad men’ days of creativity and traditional media buying aren’t quite dead yet, decisions and key marketing moments are wholeheartedly data driven.

You could even say that marketers are very much geeks these days.

So what of Facebook’s data then? How do I tap that rich vein of information and use it to my advantage. Well, step one and absolutely essential is the creation and correct application of the Facebook pixel.

What the hell is it?

The Facebook pixel is a little snippet of code that sits on your website to collect data from visitors, feeding back mission critical information to drive your decision making. When users land on your website whilst logged into Facebook they are providing valuable data to your pixel. It tracks website visitors alongside overall internet activity to allow you to paint an more accurate picture of your users. Think of it as data driven persona building.

When Facebook has this information it can better find your ideal customer when you are running ads, it has an understanding of the type of user to best serve an ad to get an action out of them. A little creepy – but it means users get personalized ads rather than any old tripe.

Recent IOS14.5 rollouts are having somewhat of an impact on all of the above, with users now able to opt out of tracking by standard. Facebook and Apple continue to have a set-to about all of this. The game has changed and many advertisers are seeing reduced perfromacne in ads, although it’s worth noting that it is more accurately a lack of visibility of perfromacne rather than the absence of it at all. I’ll cover this off in the next blog.

Why do I need this clever stuff then?

  1. TO create detailed and accurate custom audiences that you know have performed certain actions on your site – target them with specific ads that relate to this. Tidy.
  2. You can accurately retarget – like the above – and serve reminders and those ever so slightly creepy ads showing people the products and services they have already looked at. Offer them an offer or incentive to knock them over the line.
  3. Use it to create lookalike audiences of your best customers – this will enable you to target ‘similar’ users in Facebook giving you a little more confidence when targeting ads to cooler audiences.
  4. You can optimize your ad campaigns to pixel events – ideal if you want to move beyond just darn traffic and reach. Get nitty gritty and optimize ad campaigns to sales and conversions. Capiche?
  5. Without the pixel you cannot accurately track and evaluate the perfromacne of ads. Get it done and start getting clarity of results.

Tell me how then.

Set up a pixel in Facebook event manager (in ad manager) and follow the integration instructions. It’s super simple if you are using platforms like Shopify, WordPress and WooCommerce, etc.

If you need this demystifying and want help then give me a shout.

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