Facebook ads don’t work. (they do)

It’s something you’ll hear all the time.

Facebook ads don’t work. I’ve tried them and nothing happened and Facebook are just out to get your money.

I hate to break it to you, but they do work, but only when used the right way. There’d be no point in Facebook creating a product that didn’t work as businesses would soon leave them high and dry.

I thought it would be useful to cover some reasons why they might have failed…..

Here are the main culprits and their errors.

Boosting Bill

Oh Billy boy, you’ve not played a blinder here.

There is a huge difference between a boosted post and a highly targeted, strategicllay objective ad. Boosting posts (when Facebook asks if you want to reach an extra bunch of people) is really only ever used as an awareness thing, if even that.

Tipping your cash into this is going to prove difficult to validate and see impact on your ‘bottom line’.

Terrible targeting Terry

Terry, what are you doing? Terry has run an ad campaign and targeted at everyone Tom, Dick and Harry.

You need to get specific with audience segmentation, that is the whole point really. It’s about putting relevant content in front of people, and if they aren’t your target customer then your ad probably isn’t going to be relevant.

There is so much you can do with prospecting new audiences, from interest and demographics through to lookalike audiences based on your own customer data. Don’t try to sell to ‘everyone’.

Objective Oliver

Oliver wants to sell more of his products on his website.

Unfortunately, Oli has set up the campaign objective as reach, which means Facebook is optimizing his spend to reach as many people in the targeted audience as possible. That means it isn’t working its hardest to find those most likely to click or better still buy from him!

Selecting the right objective is imperative to a successful campaign. Choose rationally and wisely.

No retargeting Ron

Ron has tons of traffic browsing his site and is running ads to an interest-based audience.

Ron – you are missing something!

With the pixel installed on his site Ron could be retargeting site visitors with nudge messages and ads that move potential buyers through the sales cycle. He could be dangling a lovely offer to those people he already knows are interested in his products and services.

Crappy copy Chris

If Chris has used some great copy and really nailed down the brand he’d have definitely got better results from his brief foray into Facebook ads.

Use client testimonials, use emojis and mainly use someone who knows how to write short copy that converts!

Call to action Katy

Katy is trying to get more sales on her ecommerce website and has put a whole heap of effort into her ads and has left them with the ‘Learn More’ call to action button.

Perhaps ‘shop now’ may have been that more direct approach that meant those seeing the ad were persuaded to take an action.

Don’t neglect to match the call to action to the objective folks.

Budget strapped Bev

Hey Bev, I know you’re cautious, but £10 of budget for a conversion focused ad with a warm audience is a little shortsighted.

Spending a couple of quid a day isn’t going to get you results or allow Facebook to learn what works. This is even more relevant if you are expecting people to buy an expensive product from you, a new and unknown brand.

A god starting point would be £10 per day for each audience – remember that you are going to get loads of analytics so that you can tweak and learn what works as you go.

No pixel Pete

Pete hasn’t got the pixel installed and is running all sorts of ads, he reckons it just isn’t working.

In reality there’s no way Pete can know one way or the other. If he had the pixel installed on his website and what tracking standard (and potentially custom) events he’d know exactly what was going on.

The pixel will send loads of information and data from your site to Facebook ads so you don’t have to guess – it’ll give you clarity and mean you can take clear steps to make your ads more successful.

There you go. That’s just a few basic reasons why your previous tentative steps into the world of Facebook ds haven’t worked. If this is all going well above you then perhaps you might want someone to guide you and help point you in the best direction?

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