7 reasons you should use Facebook ads

You have probably heard Facebook advertising mentioned, perhaps you’ve even thought about giving it a go only to drop it to the bottom of the pile whilst handling all those parts of your business that are urgent. Maybe you’re a marketing manager that is looking after multiple products, services and campaigns with barely room to swing a cat, let alone get your head around Facebook ads.

Well. Sorry. You really should be using it and making the time (or using an expert) to build paid social campaigns. Here is the reasons why:

  1. Your customers are on there, on Facebook, on Instagram and maybe even on both.

There are over 2.6 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion active users of Instagram. On average, users login to Instagram once a day and spend an average of 35 minutes plus on social media.

You really should be making the effort to pin down your customers whilst they are here.

It’s reported that Facebook ads reach around 1.95 billion of active users each month – that’s an insane 32% of the adult population over the age of thirteen!

2. It’s relatively cheap to advertise and get started

When budgets are tight you don’t want to be footing huge marketing bills, and for most marketing professionals and business owners’ budgets are pretty stretched. But you know that you SHOULD be advertising.

With Facebook ads you can spend as much (or as little) as you want – cap your spend and pay per result – be that a click, a lead or potentially a direct sale.

It’s cheaper than PPC on a CPM rate (although you should still be doing PPC as it has a different use) and is significantly cheaper and more accountable than traditional advertising. The question really is ‘can you afford not to’?

3. If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

Love a cliché of a business statement, but it is a good one.

Using Facebook ads is pretty cut and dry. It’s a clever system that plugs into your website (and offline systems) and allows you to track accurate ROI and ROAS.

The granular detail that the analytics provide you make it easy to sort the wheat from the chaff, so you know you are making the most of whatever investment you are making.

Who doesn’t like a little clarity?

4. Targeting those customers and prospective customers (and then retargeting them)

If you have a solid understanding of your customer you can target ads to reach them. Shows ads to users based on location, age, gender, demographics, interests and more. This means you know you are showing those ads to the right people, those people who will ‘get’ your brand, product and services. No wastage.

You can also create ‘lookalike audiences’ of people that have commonalities with your existing customers – perfect right? This approach needs a decent set of ‘seed’ data but can help to create am audience of potential new customers that are like those that you already have.

Once you have those ‘interest’ and ‘lookalike’ audiences receiving ads you can then retarget them – placing timely reminders of products they have looked at. This is the way to convert potential customers into actual customers. This is what we like to call a ‘warm’ audience, and you don’t want to let them go cold.

5. Test, learn, tweak and repeat

Facebook ads are agile and can be altered as you go, analyzing the data to cut the tripe and to tweak creatives and copy. This means you can truly accelerate testing and learning and get straight to the good stuff.

You definitely want to build in a test phase to campaigns though, especially if you are using them for key releases or sales and whatnot. You want to know what works before that moment hits – but Facebook will give you a whole heap of information that will allow you to perfect the ads before that all important release!

6. Part of a broader marketing strategy

Here’s a word for you: omnipresent.

Yep. I used a superb long word.

Basically, Facebook ads are not a silver bullet and sit as part of your business’ wider marketing strategy and plans. Don’t treat it as such, but if you aren’t doing it you’re missing a part of the best practice marketing mix.

Being visible across multiple channels is where the golden ticket is – so add paid social into that channel to make sure customers are seeing you . Always remember that organic social reach is just 6% (ish) so these paid ads give you access to the right people beyond what you can do with just your own organic feed.

7. Your competition are there….are they taking business off you?

Ok, this might not be strictly true, but Facebook has a nifty tool that will enable you to see if your competitors are running ads. Pretty handy. Bit creepy.

A report back in 2016 suggested that over 3 million businesses were making use of Facebook ads and there is a high likelihood that your competitors are amongst that number.

If it’s good for your competition, then perhaps it could be for you too?

If you want to make the most of Facebook ads and need expertise, an extra pair of hands or just some advice and guidance drop me a line. No pressure – I just like to see people succeed.

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