1:2:1 Training

If you’re happy doing ads yourself that’s great. I can just help you to better understand what you’re looking at and how to use Facebook advertising to reach your targets and objectives.

Power Hours

Spend an hour talking through where you’re at and where you’d like to be and I’ll fill in the gaps. Basically use an hour to ask questions and move forward with your Facebook advertising.

These are £75 for an hour.

1:2:1 Mentoring

If you want to learn a little more then I can make myself your sensei. Wax on. Wax off. Pixel this. ROAS that.

Basically three more structured power hours over a number of weeks.

This is all yours for £175


As the son of a Scouse journalist I rather enjoy the sound of my own voice. Seriously. I’ve won real awards for my presenting.

If you want to talk about having me come in and talk to you and your colleagues, partners and pets about Facebook advertising drop me a line.