Data nerd. Marketing geek.

Facebook advertising specialist.

See things clearly. Connect with your customers

Who the heck is Sea Clearly Digital?

It’s the working name of a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Driven by clear results and spending time by the coast, the name just seemed to fit. It marries a love for both of the aforementioned passions in equal measure.

For Sea Cleary Digital it’s all about simple clarity, no marketing jargon that makes you feel like we’re practising some form of dark arts. If you can understand me and I can understand you then we can build solid foundations for future success.

That’s very nice. What does it mean?

Clear data

DOn’t make assumptions about who your perfect customer is, use the data you have and the data that Facebook uses to make key business decisions. This means you are crystal clear on who the perfect prospect is.

Clear strategy

I am all about ‘objective’ centred advertising campaigns that are laser-focused on your own business targets.

We will work together to create the most appropriate strategy to reach and convert customers.

Clear results

Facebook ads are pretty black and white, you’ll be able to see (or ask me) what return your getting for your well invested pennies.

It’s nice to know what you get, without encountering nasty hidden extras (like mini bars in hotel rooms).

Want to do more?

Dig a little deeper and find out how.


From ‘done for you’ ad management all the way through to workshops and 1:2:1 training. I’ve got you covered what ever support you need.

Actually, I really rather like helping people.


It’s black and white. You’ll see the results.

You’ll have clarity, clear tracking of return on investment or return on ad spend is the order of the day.


Scale your business or simply create a reliable revenue stream using rational approaches and real-time data.